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Experts In Commercial & Medical Grade Air Purifiers

Our T-2700 units are UL2998 certified, meaning that they are proven to not produce ozone.  Our units have also been proven to remove 99.9% of the virus that causes COVID-19 which means it's much easier to keep your doors open and keep kids in school. 

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row of us bank branded medical grade commercial air purifiers

Our product makes your air
safe for kids, pets, and the
whole family. No harsh
chemicals mean you can
live safely in your own
home or office.

Works With Your
Existing Systems
You can get up and running
quickly with our air systems.

Safe and Effective
Inactivates most
pathogens in just
30 minutes and improves
air quality.

“The team at IAQuality was extremely professional, informative and responsive. They were able to quickly assess our needs and put together a thoughtful proposal. The installation was seamless, and the post ion readings showed real results. I would highly recommend this company to any business in need of ionization services.”
James Sotos (Vice President) Clinical Reference Laboratory

How Our System Works:

Pathogen Control

Testing by independent third-party labs confirms inactivation rates as high as 99% for many pathogens and mold spores.

Particle Reduction

Ionization inactivates and clumps together harmful particles for effective filtration.

Odor Control/Ozone Friendly

Odor, Volatile Organic Compounds and the like are oxidized to gasses already prevalent to the air, thus eliminating the odors while being Ozone friendly.

Versatile & Mobile

The T-2700 can be used in multiple room sizes and is easily relocated as needed.

rapid air pathogen control T-2700 unit on blue background
  • Dual side intakes for optimum air flow.
  • Commercial ionization with self cleaning.
  • Easily replace and adjust filters.


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Rapid Air Filtration System

Learn more about our state of the art air scrubbing and filtration unit capable of inactivating many pathogens within 30 minutes and filtering unwanted particles resulting in a cleaner indoor air environment.

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