Who We Work With:

Schools & Universities

We provide clean, purified air in an efficient process to keep students and faculty safe.

Indoor air quality, including pathogen control, should be the top priority for a safe indoor environment, particularly in the scholastic environment where our students and educators spend their days. Classrooms, cafeterias, gymnasiums, and other campus buildings are gathering spaces that regularly hold many people in a confined area. To optimize such an environment, you need air scrubbing technologies that are up to the task.

Our products are installed in scholastic settings ranging from elementary schools to universities, where our solutions safely and effectively improve indoor air quality. Your TOTAL Indoor Air Quality solution.

Globally, we find dated school and university buildings that require more upkeep. As buildings age, VOCs, mold, and bacteria become more prevalent. Our Indoor Air Quality systems address these challenges head-on by minimizing the amount of such nastiness in the air.

Health Care

We provide clean, purified air to the frontline.

Health care employees and patients want to feel safe and secure in their indoor environment. Our systems help provide them with peace of mind by contributing indoor air quality measures to enhance already advanced infection control and cleaning methods.

We safely clean the air by introducing ions When ions come into contact with airborne viruses and other pathogens, they disrupt the pathogens’ surface proteins, leaving them inactive. Ions also combine with dust and other particles in the air, making them larger and more easily captured by filters.

Office Buildings

We help make your business safe, and keep you open.

People want to work in an environment free of contaminants and pathogens. Employees want to feel confident that their employer is doing everything possible to deliver a clean, safe workplace. While many businesses have addressed enhanced cleaning procedures, face coverings, and even modified floor plans to promote a cleaner, Indoor Air Quality is oftentimes overlooked, but extremely important consideration.

Our systems target unwanted particles, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and limit the spread of airborne pathogens, making indoor spaces safer for employees, and guests.

Grocery Stores

Providing clean, purified air to travelers and operators.
Shoppers and grocery store employees want to feel protected and assured when grocery shopping or serving the needs of the customer. Moreover, they deserve to know that the air they breathe is safe from pathogens, allergens, and VOCs. Our systems allow them, as well as the store management and ownership, to have that peace of mind.

Large Gathering Spaces

We keep your event spaces and large venues safe with clean air.

Whether a house of worship, convention center, or gymnasium, we have the solution to improve your indoor air quality by cleaning your indoor air. These gathering spaces often host many people within enclosed spaces, increasing the need for air purification solutions.

Our systems safely and effectively reduce airborne viruses and other pathogens while also making dust, pollen, and other particles easier to capture in air filtration systems.


See what our clients have to say:

“The team at IAQuality was extremely professional, informative and responsive. They were able to quickly assess our needs and put together a thoughtful proposal. The installation was seamless, and the post ion readings showed real results. I would highly recommend this company to any business in need of ionization services.”

- James Sotos

Vice President, Clinical Reference Laboratory

"It’s helping to keep students and staff healthy, with no sign of COVID clusters on campus".

- James Miller

Chief Financial Officer, Pembroke Hill School