Tracking The Latest COVID Variant

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If you haven’t heard, there’s a new variant of COVID-19 that is sweeping its way across the United States and Europe. Just in time for summer vacations and all of the wonderful ways in which we want to gather with the people we love. By taking the proper precautions, however, we believe that we can weather this latest evolution.

USA Today has released an article that goes into more information about the latest variant, called BA.2. You can read more from them here:

As it relates to making sure that you’re doing everything you can to take care of yourself, your employees, and your family, here’s a few quick reminders and tips from our air quality experts:

  1. Don’t Throw Those Masks Away Just Yet

    The last few years have shown that while they may be a nuisance, masks can dramatically decrease the amount of viral spread seen in a given environment. Even with vaccination rates going up around the country by the day, we still highly encourage keeping a mask on-hand at all times. If you’ve run out, our sister company has got you covered.

  2. Opt For Outside

    This should be pretty easy as the days stand to get warmer and the sun is officially out for longer. So we say welcome patio weather and make sure that when gathering in large crowds you’re doing everything you can to maximize ventilation and air flow.

  3. Get A Real Air Purifier From IAQuality

    We know that the market is full of options when it comes to air purification products — especially these days. We believe, and can back up with science, that most of those products do not address the full spectrum of air cleaning and purification needed to keep employees, families, and communities safe. We invite you to explore the line-up at IAQuality and see for yourself what the difference really is.


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